Goody Goodie Cookies has a new store!

The cookies I wrote about earlier on this blog are the most amazing, unique cookies EVER. They opened their own store next to Vega, the coffee shop that first carried their cookies. Congratulations to them!!!!! When I stopped by this weekend, they had a huge selection of their signature coconut and chocolate cookies and tons of other stuff. There was a sweet/savory sandwich with fresh cherries, tarragon with fresh ricotta! Ooooooh, it looked so good!

Check out my Yelp review for pics of the new store. It is adorable.


Peet’s Coffee Headquarters

Friday of last week, we took a tour of the Peet’s headquarters and roasting facility in Alameda.  Wow!  It was really impressive.

They took us inside to the whole operation, from green beans to bagged beans.

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They have expert coffee roasters who are checking the beans, especially in the last couple of minutes, every couple of seconds.  It is really impressive to see.

Then, the coffee beans are packaged and shipped as soon as possible!  They try to get the beans to you as quickly as they can, so you can have the best coffee.

Then we were able to try a few different roasts for ourselves.  I can tell you, side by side, all of them taste so different.  One thing Peet’s has that most other coffees don’t, is a real richness without tasting burned.

Lafitte in San Francisco

A friend of mine took me here the other night.  She has been here countless times and loves the food, service and atmosphere.  The restaurant is not stuffy, in a GREAT location, and is beautifully designed.  I have to say, I have never been treated so nicely at a restaurant.  I know Lafitte is not known for their vegetarian options, but they went above and beyond what I expected.  I had the sauteed mushrooms with grilled peppers and a beet salad, I am still thinking about, with a nettle dressing.  It was amazing.  They also had some great beers-which included my favorite type of beer, the belgian white.  This was a dinner I won’t forget.  It was absolutely perfect.

Potato Pancakes and Pappardelle at Greens Restaurant in SF

Yesterday, I took a friend out to Greens Restaurant for brunch.  It’s located in the city in the old Fort Mason buildings and is a veg place.  She had never been, so I thought it would be good for a special birthday brunch.  The view is amazing, fresh and mostly local and even people who aren’t vegetarians enjoy this place.  The menu changes regularly.

She had the potato pancakes…

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I had the pappardelle with fresh fava beans, english peas and some sort of edible flower….

Why don’t I come here more?

The best dinner I’ve had since I moved to the Bay area

Have you been to Gather in Berkeley?  Local, organic and absolutely delicious food.  This place is a restaurant you go when it’s a special day.  Maybe you deserve it, maybe it’s your birthday, or maybe some other reason.  Not cheap, but truly an experience.  We went last week with 2 of our friends.  No one had been before.  I would HIGHLY recommend Gather.

Soon to link our Yelp and Open Table reviews…

I think we will soon link all of our reviews from Yelp and Opentable. This is the most comprehensive way of sharing our foodie knowledge. What do you think about that folks?